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Application Areas

Automotive IndustryAutomotive Industry
Automotive spare parts such as engine blocks, shock absorbers, pistons, valves, cranks, gears, fuel pumps, rims etc. / Machining burs / Pressed parts / Surface cleaning prior to coating and painting process

Transport / Defense / Aviation IndustryTransport / Defense / Aviation Industry
Rocket and parts / Train and railway wagon parts / Electronic card in Defense Industry

Metal Goods / Plating & Painting Preparation IndustryMetal Goods / Plating & Painting Preparation Industry
Rivets, nuts, bolts and screws / Kitchen and Bathroom accessories / Armatures / Furniture accessories / White product components / Bearings etc.

Maintenance Based Cleaning IndustryMaintenance Based Cleaning Industry
Aluminium and PVC profile moulds, engine parts / Heals, drop wires, reeds and other textile accessories / Air filter in energy sector / PCB parts

Kitchenware IndustryKitchenware Industry
Surface cleaning prior to coating and painting process / Fork, spoon and knives / Pots and pans, teapots and coffee pots / Sinks / Teflon cleaning before coating

Coating and Phosphating IndustryCoating and Phosphating Industry
Fully automated facilities belonging to the zinc phosphate, manganese phosphate, trication phosphate, tin-plated and dimming processes

Food IndustryFood Industry
Trays and pots / Cake and chocolate moulds / Crates

Medical IndustryMedical Industry
Medical, Surgical and Laboratory equipments / Dentist equipments and prothesis / Implant, screw fittings, nails and protem

Textile IndustryTextile Industry
Heals, drop wires, reeds and needles / Polimer filter and spinneret / Purification of fibers from solvent

Optics / Jewelry IndustryOptics / Jewelry Industry
Optic lens, eyeglass, glass frame / Bijouteri / Jewellery products

Innovative TechnologiesInnovative Technologies
Cleaning of fruits and vegetables

Electric / Electronics IndustryElectric / Electronics Industry
Electronic components and PCB cards

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